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Frequently asked questions

 Project Exports Promotion Council of India (PEPC) is an export promotion council set up by the Government of India in 1984 (as Overseas Construction Council of India).

PEPC in line with the Foreign Trade Policy of the Government (of India) not only undertakes the necessary export promotion initiatives but also provides necessary technical information, guidance and support to Indian Civil and Engineering (EPC) construction including process engineering contractors and consultants – in public or private sector – to set up overseas projects in any of the following modules of engineering service:-


Ans. The registered trader of PEPC can get the following benefits offered by the council.

  • The PEPC regularly collects, collates and disseminates technical and other information pertaining to overseas markets and new project possibilities worldwide to member companies through a monthly magazine: GPO (Global Project Opportunities)
  • The PEPC provides joint ventures, technical collaborations and strategic alliances to its members
  • The council is disseminating market information, trends and policy implications
  • The PEPC is publishing information on technical, commercial and technological developments pertaining to project exports sectors
  • PEPC member can participate in major international fairs and specialized trade shows across the globe, the council also organizing buyer-seller meets in India and abroad besides B2B meets in focus countries
  • The Project EPC is offering technical, marketing and export assistance to Indian exporters
  • The council conducts Capacity Building programs for exchange of information, knowledge, ideas, and strategies
  • The council is serving as a focal point between the industry members and government while focusing on the overall growth and development of the Indian project exports
  • As mentioned above, the PEPC is coordinating the promotion of technical and economic cooperation between Indian project exporters and foreign companies
  • The council has formed the Screening Committee to permit capable companies to undertake projects overseas.

 Merchant exporter is he who procures products from manufacturer or from other source and exports.

A manufacturer exporter is he who manufactures products in its own units or other units and exports

To become a member of - PROJECT EPC, you will need to submit the Membership Application Form duly completed on DGFT portal: Directorate General of Foreign Trade | Ministry of Commerce and Industry | Government of India (  

Documents Required for membership:

  1. Membership-cum-RCMC application form
  2. Solvency Certificate from Bank
  3. Copy of the IEC Number of the Company
  4. Copy of PAN Number of the Company
  5. Copy of GSTN of the Company
  6. Turnover of the Company for the preceding year
  7. Latest Projects details (5 nos) done by the applicant Company
  8. Note on activities and specialization of the applicant company
  9. Copy of MSME of the applicant company (If Applicable)
  10. Copy of the memorandum of the Company stating engagement in business as per
  11. the mandate of Govt. to PEPC
  12. Members Info Form
  13. RCMC Product List

(All documents should be duly signed & stamped.)

For New membership contact at:

 After receiving the application with supporting documents, membership and Registration-cum-Membership certificate will be issued within 30 days maximum.

Yes, it is mandatory to apply online for Membership through DGFT website

Admission fees is to be paid one time and Membership fees to be paid every year which will be due on 1st April every year and to be paid by 30th June.

Any person, applying for (i) a licence/certificate/permission to import/export, [except items listed as restricted items in ITCHS)] or (ii) any other benefit or concession under Foreign Trade Policy shall be required to furnish Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) granted by the competent authority in accordance with the procedure specified in the Handbook (Vol. 1) unless specifically exempted under the Policy.

Exporters having nil export performance can also enrol as member of the Council.

 No, it is not mandatory but it facilitates for availing the services of Council and time to time incentives and assistance provided under Foreign Trade Policy to exporters.

Carefully researched trade events with prime focus on promotion of project goods, turnkey, civil construction, process and engineering consultancy services and with emphasis on networking and developing cordial relations with trade bodies abroad are organized by the Council.

First of all, you have to become member of this council. Once you become a member, you will be allotted a user ID and password. Under the Members area, you can login with your user id and password provided to you. Under Members area, you can have the access.

 Yes, it is compulsory to obtain membership with the Council to obtain Registration- cum-Membership-Certificate (RCMC). It is renewed every year by payment of annual subscription fees.

 No, there is no separate fee for obtaining Registration-cum-Membership-Certificate (RCMC).

Membership fee Construction/Turkey Engineering Consultancy and Engineering services Project Construction items
The annual turnover for the preceding financial year Amount The annual turnover for the preceding financial year Amount The annual turnover for the preceding financial year Amount
Up to Rs.25 crores Rs.50,000 Up to Rs.5 crores Rs.20,000 Up to Rs.50 crores Rs.7,500
Above Rs.25 crores Rs.75,000 Up to Rs.10 crores Rs.30,000 Up to 1crores Rs.10,000
Above Rs.250 crores Rs.1,00,000 Up to Rs.25 crores Rs.50,000 Above Rs.1 crores Rs.15,000
Above Rs.500 crores Rs.1,25,000 Above Rs.25 crores Rs.75,000 Above Rs.10 crores Rs.25,000
    Above Rs.250 crores Rs.1,00,000 Above Rs.20 crores Rs.30,000
    Above Rs.500 crores Rs.1,25,000 Above Rs.25 crores Rs.35,000
Admission fee

(one time)

(For New Members)
Equivalent to one year's membership fee as applicable Equivalent to one year's membership fee as applicable Rs.5,000
Web promotion charges Rs.5,000 Rs.3,000 Rs.1,000
GST As applicable

Yes, it is necessary to pay the annual membership subscription every year.

Annual membership subscription become due on Ist April and should be paid before 30thJune of every year.

No, one cannot pay the fees for certain years together. It has to be paid annually.

Fees has to be paid by 30 th June and a penalty of Rs. 5000 is applied from 1 st July.

Yes, the hardcopy is sent by the council and the soft copy can be downloaded from the DGFT website.

No, Annual Membership subscription is to be paid through the DGFT portal.

If a member do not get renewed its membership by stipulated date, membership will be ceased and a fresh membership needs to be obtained.

Yes, one can cancel his membership by way of request for the same and surrender their Original RCMC certificate issued by the Council along with a consent letter duly signed either by Proprietor/all directors/ or all partners of the company on letter head along with the original Registration-cum-Membership-Certificate (RCMC)

 Membership renewal is on financial year basis, which fall due Ist April every year.

 As per the Foreign Trade Policy, if there is a change in address, constitution etc, firm have to inform within 30 days to all the concerned authorities.

 Yes, it is essential to furnish the original Registration-cum-Membership-Certificate (RCMC).

After receiving the complete documents, amendment will be carried out and forward to members within 7 working days minimum.