Brief Profile

Project Exports Promotion Council of India (Project EPC) is an export promotion council set up by the Government of India in the year 1984 (as Overseas Construction Council of India) with the objective to promote and facilitate the causes and concerns of the Indian Project Exporters to enhance project exports.

Hence, Project EPC is the apex co-ordinating agency designated by the Government to promote & facilitate project exports.

Project EPC acts as an apex co-ordinating agency for the Indian Project exporters to secure and execute Projects overseas within the framework of the Foreign Trade Policy of Government of India and in line with the guidelines prescribed by the Reserve Bank of India for undertaking overseas Projects as detailed in their Memorandum PEM (Project Exports Manual).

Project Exports refers to export of engineering goods on deferred payment terms and execution of turnkey projects and civil construction contracts abroad collectively. Project Exports would encompass:

PROJECT EPC, since then has been actively engaged in the development and promotion of Project exports in almost all sectors of economic and industrial development world-wide as given below:

WATER Water Supply Sanitation  
Solid Waste Management Irrigation and drainage  
Flood protection General  
ENERGY Power (HS Code 98010403) Thermal Hydel Others
Oil & Gas
Renewable energy General  
SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE Urban Development & Housing  
Transportation Roads and highways
Ports, waterways and shipping
Aviation Railways General
Information Technology  
INDUSTRY Industrial Plant Projects (HS Code 98010001)

Other projects (HS Code 98010009)
Hydrocarbons Fertilizers
Chemicals Mining/Metals Others